I will sell you my other bottle for 5¢ not a penny less

Tiny funk blows off almost instantly.  Dark staining purple *barely* heading into ruby with deep purple edges.  Steely nose with a background of sweet vanilla and a touch of Nyquil.  Hey, I happen to LIKE Nyquil!  Pretty flat bouquet otherwise.  Nothing substantially wrong, though.

Intake brings on nice thinnish Syrah fruit expectant of this price-point and general appellation.  It would be very interesting to know where this fruit is from.  Bottled in Sonoma County, but “Central Coast” fruit.  Probably Monterey, but seems a bit denser than your typical negociant ‘Monterey Co’.  Sparkling acid washes through the middle, obscuring the meager but solid dark, ripe fruit.  Clean and serviceable all the way through, with ample tannin wrapped in more nice vanilla to finish things up and head off nicely.

Quite a surprising wine, actually.  I expected to hate it.  Suggested by a friend and I had to go to *HORROR* Bev-Mo to find it.  Cheap bottle, cheap capsule, and generic appellation did not help my expectations.  With the exception of the kitchen-sink-late-nose-early-taste, I am quite shocked and recommend it highly.  It has a certain nuance about it which decries the initial rush to judgement.  Not a world-class syrah, but it’s 15 bucks!  You can do better, but not nationally at retail.  An entirely above-average wine.

2011 QUERY Syrah Central Coast California 13.8


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