Trust as Little as Possible in the Future

Med ruby, fairly staining, minuscule edges, hardly bricking.  Boiler-plate steely roundish Tollhouse cookie-dough vanilla teetering on a sharp cola foundation.  A bit of funk and must makes things interesting, and the brightness of the conifer-smoke make you hope there is something going on.  But it is a really small, hollow wine.

25$ Napa cab is my favorite subject in the world and the SMV and Anderson Valley Pinot offerings from this label have always pleased with incredible value.  This thing is just chalky, bored and tired.  Breathes out to a latex glove nose tempered with cheap McCormick vanilla extract and bongwater.  Mouthfeel is considerably headier, thinly fruited, no patina, but bright and strong and fairly powerful–although I would stop short of *elegant*or *voluptuous*.  So funny with cheap (fairly bad) Pinot and Cab.

The Pinots always smell better than they taste and the cabs are exactly the opposite.  A little gritty middle drifts away from the initial big ripe fruit into slight oxidation and I can’t complain about the balanced finish.  A decent little offering–who knows what will pop up from this négociant next.

2009 CARPE DIEM Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.5

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