Gag Not


Bright med ruby with staining edges.  Big sumptuous nose laying off layers and layers of tar, fruit and rubber-band.  The mint, pepper and fig are heady and concentrated, melding together into perfect petrichor and a little alcohol.  A vibrant, stunning, ripe nose, replete with angles, tangibly brilliant while brilliantly tangible.  Late-breathing brings about a solidarity of all the aforementioned into a very Euro ripe muddy river pudding.

I heard a bit of a story along the classic lines of some TV-executive from LA getting the wine bug courtesy of Grape Encounters Radio who carries this wine at their Empourium Wine Shop.  Based on similar stories I have heard a plethora of times, I envisioned a fat, yummy, merlot-itage oak-bomb with great crowd-appeal and little mettle.  What I got instead is a wine balancing perfectly the snob-centric *lean & mean* with delectable ripe nuances that will suck just about ANYBODY in.

In the mouth, crisp and sweet, coating everything it touches with velvet fruit while never compromising acidity.  A bright Granny Smith bite works with the pepper and tannin to allow the sumptuous blackberry fruit to sumptuate *just enough* but then yanks it back, forcing you to cram this thing in your face again.  Readers of this blog are no strangers to my love of Alexander Valley Cab and Dry Creek Zin, and I was surprised to turn this thing around and find the blend not exactly something I had pictured.  I pegged the AL a little low at 14-2, which again proves its balance.  This is a GREAT wine which will please a WIDE variety of palates and I would encourage you search it out.

2013 GAGNON CELLARS Red Blend Alexander Valley Sonoma Co PS/Zin/Cab 40/40/20 14.7

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