Vera Vera Nice


Dark purple with glowing edges.  Magnificient violet floral slushes down spring slopes on a red plastic sled, mud rivulets opening up under dripping conifers and naked boulders glistening in the warm sunshine.  Ridiculously writhing with character, and with an exclamation-point of youth, it barely nods to New World, taking the barnyard funk and dirt road fully along for the ride while lean fruit sings.

Valiant followers of my scribbling know I do not typically go tasting at wineries, and also have been extremely critical of Paso Robles in the past.  Well, here are some exceptions.  This is one of two Paso Robles wines I tasted last weekend which BLEW me away–and both of them at their respective tasting rooms.  (here’s the other one).  I was simply curious and in both instances it paid off EXTREMELY WELL.  I went in not expecting much and left each with the enthusiasm which only comes from discovering new–and seriously GOOD–wine.

In the mouth, cold brew and heavy cream give morning edge to the licorice fruit cloaked in acid and tannin so miserably young and still blasting warm Spanish wool and latex earthiness to extremes.   Gratingly bitter and yet packing dark, dense seeded berry in all directions, not a trace of heat and the baby baby fruit so gorgeous, never cloyingly forward of flabby.  I can’t think of a better representation of 1-year-old Tempranillo.

This label is going to leave a mark, you watch.  They only do Spanish varieties, and I’d say they nailed it.  You need to find this.

2015 CROMAVERA Tempranillo ‘Joven’ Paso Robles 13.9

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