Get Bent

Garnet mannerisms exuding floral decadence, have I ever told you how much I love Bentrock Vineyard? A nutty exuberance reeking of green bean, third-world bus interior and THE biggest fattest chunk of dark syrupy cherry, honey and cinnamon-sugar buttered toast you can handle–all in an ethereally-light medium. A thick green spiral-bound notebook thread winds its way into the nose, pushing ice-water-crisp peppered sausage aside for a run up the barnyard flagpole.

In the mouth, delicate but glycerin-ey in its mouth-coating ability. Bitter husks yield ripe fruit and the pepper-zangy finish goes to work early, but fails in its attempts to rip the fruit’s “T-T-T-TOUCH ME” t-shirt. Sharp tannins grind in late-finish, letting you know this thing won’t settle down soon.

I had this exact wine a year ago and thought I might give it another spin around the trailer park. Stunning–as usual–wonder if this is still available?

2013 VELVETBEE Pinot Noir Bentrock Vineyard Santa Rita Hills Santa Barbara County 13.94

One thought on “Get Bent

  1. Thanks Steve. Loved this post. I need to get you some of the new stuff. Phil

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