Incredibly light rosy yellow. Neutral oak and cellar floor bring honeydew melon and the spicy tang of passionfruit into the nose in a sort of muddled bright conflagration of weed and fruit that totally works.

In the mouth, clean and serious–almost Chablis-like–round and with great depth and a slight butter before more of that turn-coat lilikoi shows up again: wooing you with tropical nectar and then dashing it all against the rocky tingle of ridiculously sharp acid. The middle swells rich and buttery again, full and rich but never getting out of sight of that sharp grip, where more neutral oak desperately tries to sooth before an almost-tannic bite rules the finish.

To the best of my knowledge this wine is not available as of yet in the US. But some of you reading this in positions to change that SHOULD. Those in the back rows will remember THE MERLOT from these folks which didn’t look like Merlot or act like Merlot but was nearly life-changing and showed up on my DREAM-LIST OF 2018. This wine does not stray from that course. Whatever these Inserrata people are doing over there, I want to drink it all the time. Somebody at this winery is doing EVERYTHING right.

Oh wow, I just checked the site to make the tag and turns out it is indeed Chardonnay.

2017 INSERRATA ‘Intrigo’ Chardonnay IGT Toscano Italy 13.5

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