La Fete du PINK

First Rosé Fest of the season this weekend here in San Luis Obispo @lafetedupink and I while I don’t put quite as much weight on it as nouveau or primeur, it is a bit telling and can be surprising, wandering through all the familiar labels, but specifically focusing on rosé. I take rosé pretty seriously, while at the same time not getting bogged down or over-playing it. I suggest any fans of *the pink* read this yearly:

Screenshot_20190414-111508.pngThe majority of the rosé here ran the gamut from interesting to awkward with a good number of solid entries. Out of all the impressions and disappointments, I have to single out Two Moons Cellars for their Mourvèdre offering which was so ridiculously head-and-shoulders magnificent, TOWERING over the rest of the field in terms of pure fruit and balance. This was a first-taste of this new winery project in Paso Robles and I was understandably apprehensive. Especially in a crowded field of MANY very familiar names backed by good friends. I’m sorry to all of you but this little darling SHONE, just BAM! instantly–you KNOW: There it is. Beautiful beautiful stuff. It is direct-press, design-grown mourvedre and I don’t know how much there is, but you best get on it if you want one of the most magical rosés I’ve had in this area–certainly from Paso Robles.

⏩Scroll through for a rather who’s-who gallery of participants you will all recognize instantly.
⏩Oh yes and I always break my NO PINOT ROSÉ rule for weingut, DUH!
⏩Last but not least my SECOND FAVORITE thing from the #lafetedupink BELIEVE IT OR NOT: was non-alcoholic!!! in the form of Junity’s crazy-good #probiotic green tea and honey spritzer-like-stuff, from keg or bottle it stopped me dead in my tracks. No, it is NOT kombucha!!! Not even CLOSE. (I rather dislike kombucha). This is a brand new product, so give them a click and find it.


OK I’ll shut up now. So much for a quick post…

All the other links are easy to find, HERE’S THE TWO YOU NEED RIGHT MEOW:

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