Heavy Petting

HOLY CRAP THIS IS SOME CREAMY-ASS SHIT. Bubbles REFUSING to die down, put it near your nose too early and you’ll be cringin like you do in the back room at parties. When the nose-crystals DO calm down, you are left with the euphoria of creamy ripe apple, a macadamia-edge to the numbing swell on your lips and gums, exploding and tingling every pore, making the world grand and sweet and smart and sexily-confident, but you have to SWALLOW these Pop Rocks and the grip on your tongue causes salivating scalp-rushes processing all this thick fruit and creamy pulse.

Can a wine be dry and zingy and still mouth-filling and rich? Hell, put enough of this stuff in front of me and I’ll be whatever you want.

This is a pretty powerful pet-nat, and the style is ALWAYS a mystery but this one is worth every dime. No lag here. Just straight up good times all night. Stick around, we’ll get some more.

2018 DEUX PUNX Albarino Petnat Calaveras County 11.5


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