Chin Up

There is no better wine in the world that Chinon. There just flat out isn’t. Chinon does everything. Seriously, could you drink Chinon for the rest of your life?

This thing is a funkadelic chocolate caramel green bean India-ink and pear-blossom thing dredged HARD through sweaty stalls and shoved face-first into plowed furrows. An absolute tour de force in the nose BUT THEN YOU TASTE IT.

Sharp and timidly forgiving, it coaxes tart cranberry fruit from out behind the curtain to perform a risque strip on rusty pole and black-magnet stage, brilliant sharp pangs of limberness achingly svelte and round while exposing dank tattoos on pale baby fat in places only imagined and the grimace of far more experience than kindness.

I think this is probably the best Chinon I have ever bought from Kermit. It’s just fucking stupidly ridiculous good.

2014 BERNARD BAUDRY Cabernet Franc Chinon Loire Franc 13.0

One thought on “Chin Up

  1. We visit Chinon every year, just got back from a week there and blogging about the wine, Rabelais, trips to Savennières, and more and more. Will probably go again this month 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷


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