Bright ruby clarity tapering out to a nice pink edge. *Wine* in the nose. It just smells like wine. And that’s a GOOD THING. You get what I mean? No oak, no intense briar of mint or tobacco or blackberry or the lost souls of the revolution or Jared Leto’s banishment, it just smells like wine. Spongy-mop on cellar floor, Cherry pie-filling in a can, an edgy vegetal that doesn’t detract or glare, sweet Jolly Rancher stewed down into Hawaiian Punch concentrate goodness and an acrid mineral glare lurking below making sure you understand it is serious business Carignane.

Not trying to cheapen it or reduce it to something a 7-year-old would say–yes, I still remember both my daughters saying at least once in their lives, “It smells like wine.” It’s just that I smelled some wines today–Carignane among them–that smelled like lots of things. Not really wine though. You follow me? Of course you do.

In the mouth, it follows suit with the nose. It tastes like Carignane. Carignane from a magical place that nobody’s fucked with. Just made right, And good. Bright fruit–not TOO bright though–carries decadently ripe cherry across the tongue, stopping shy of maraschino because of the extreme acid accompanying it. Delicious berry and the sexy funk of that afore-mentioned cellar floor mention again: This is real good wine. That dry sandy nutmeg and windswept salty-fog cinnamon crinkle leaves underfoot, and all your bitterness is put on hold by the crass finish you have to sip again and go through all the motions just to get to again to think about some more.

Heritage vineyards come and heritage vineyards never go, and these people are part of the group making sure history is honored. If classic red varieties from Contra Costa County do not get your attention, you probably shouldn’t be following me. If EVANGELHO means nothing, you definitely shouldn’t be following me OR are googling fantastically in order to keep up and you definitely belong here. CCC is easily one of my favorite AVA’s in California, and T-Vine has done a great service here to preserve the CCC beauty. Despite the fact you may not have ever heard of it, CCC is the Holy Land of Carignane, Mourvedre, Grenache and Zinfandel. This wine PERFECTLY represents it in modern terms.

2015 T-VINE Carignane Evangelho Vineyard Contra Costa County California 13.9


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