Cashe Crop

Crankin out all the good stuff, not sleepy at ALL, after paring my cellar way down, I made a pact with myself to drink up some of these older cheap things. Do you even know where Paicines is? You should. Because some people are doing some wonderful things with these old vines in this strange little AVA. BDX varieties are king here, and this blend from the Franscioni Puma Road people proves it. 12 years old and all of 30 bucks and still fresh as a daisy. Beautiful fruit, great tertiary, and tannins begging for attention. What a gorgeous red wine. Pretty sure it’s ME & cab, and when you see Paicines on a label, you buy it.

2007 PEDREGAL ‘Cache’ cab/ME 69/31 Paicines AVA San Benito Co. California 14.0