Hop Monk

Scrumptdillyicious dill and cedar swooning out of the dull prune color. Wide orange edge fading to clear. Brownies fraught with moldy fur made by nuns trussed up with soaked rattan, a Welch’s spot of perfect grape evades capture in the background, despite the Naugahyde floggings and gear-lube shine. Nuttier than Randall Grahm and danker than Manfred Krankl, it sends a green vegetal shot across the bow of the good ship California, with not just ripeness, but texture you can SMELL.

I discovered this label a few years back and then have been blessed with their attendance of WORLD OF PINOT the past couple years. SOOOO much great Oregon comes down for that event. Far more than we could ever dream of seeing on a shelf here in Socal.

In the mouth, fresh-picked flowers at the height of young springtime fragrance. Daffodils and crocus, lily and jasmine. Oil-rubbed and shiny-smooth where it has been touched, green sapling in a pouty argument with tertiary wood. Sweet cherry cola takes an extra helping of dirt with it to the bedroom, where savory mixes with succulent and finishes hot.

A beautiful–if piquant–aged Pinot.

2007 MONK’S GATE Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon 13.5