Amped Up

Light bright almost murky clearness. A shocking dose of briar and harsh minerality in the nose, all settled on a leather-couch indifference to tourist wines and giggling about lush fruit. 5-spice and cherry goodness FAR decrying the watery glimpse in the glass, a solidity of stony goodness rising toward concentrated goodness but stopping at the corner of Sharp Street and Vegetal Avenue for a look around.

You’ve not had Carignane like this, boys & girls. I had to explain to several people over this bottle the classic popularity of the variety juxtaposed against the version this bottle shockingly displays. Meaty floral, sing-songy and decadent, headed off into a brilliance few wines this texture exemplify.

In the mouth, cool water and un-cloying fruit, gobs of wonderwall light cherry cascade against a refreshing blandness so welcome in this day of over-concentrated offerings. Not-too-sharp middle–wracked with acid–the poolside sunny glow of un-stuffy chilled-red quaffingness basks in the bikini glow of round wholesomeness and just screams FUCK ME. It is a combination impossible to resist.

2018 AMPLIFY WINES Carignane Camp 4 Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co. California 13.5