Over-Rated Alban

Despite being poured in the wrong order at the restaurant, it really is fairly decent wine, as usual.  It’s just not a style of SY I typically am attracted to.  Pretty up-front fresh, crazy young, simple acids, cloying nose, finish goes on and on.  Hype & Ripe.  The more of this wine I drink, the stupider it gets.  It really just is a fat mess.  I have gone on record numerous times saying The Alban Has No Clothes… and again.  I opened a 10-year-old 40$ Syrah last night and opened a 4-year-old 40$ Syrah tonight.  The former was classical and functional and polished and worthy.  The latter is shallow bomb.  Sorry, John.  Thank you Gray.  Why you’d put a 2.25 cork in this thing is beyond me.  There are a couple places in the Edna Valley AVA which CAN grow some great wines.  There is a vineyard across the street from Alban which produces some of the finest wines on the Central Coast.  I just can not include myself into the Alban Fan Club.

2010 ALBAN VINEYARDS Syrah Patrina Edna Valley San Luis Obispo Co. 14.5

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