Absolutely the most dreadful thing I have had in months.  Nose of petrol by-products and socks.  This postage-stamp gush of disgusting soccer-mom fruit-forwardness backed up instantly by rotting lettuce in the crisper-bin of the refer disappearing into the thinnest most meager nothingness for ever and ever middle imaginable followed by searing acid of the pool-cleaning variety dancing around in the bad Halloween costume of ‘tannin’.

Why am I picking on this wine?  I drink an experiment daily and half of them are bad but you never hear of them so why lambaste this one?  Because those wines are Langedouc’s and Ribera del Deuros and Puglia’s and Yakimas and Coonwarra’s and strange 3rd label imprints you’ve never heard of and would never buy and if you did you would convince yourself they were good–just in a Euro way.  THIS is a brand people buy. Supermarket middle-shelf.  AND! This is a special designate bottling trotting itself out into my hallowed of holy-lands of cab.  This is shit people actually BUY. I am so embarrassed for this wine.

2010 ECHELON Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Sonoma Co  13.5

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