I Dreamed I Died and Went to Carneros

The BV Res PN ws the wine which started my love affair with Carneros PN.  I’m thinking probably 1991 or 1992.  I was well familiar at the time with BV Rutherford and GdL PR, but never thought of them as PN producers.  I remember being completely overwhelmed.  Saw a case of this on the shelf the other day in some obscure liquor store and just HAD to rescue one to re-visit.  Really rare to find something of this nature around here because I live smack-dab in the middle of ‘No-Napa/No-Sonoma Land’.  I somewhat expected it to be an over-oaked, over-ripe muss, but it was NOT.  That is not to say it was GOOD.  Fairly dark for a pinot, and tending towards garnet.  Decent barnyard and peat in the nose with a strain of tar.  Started falling apart almost immediately in the glass and by evening’s end, was having serious maderization problems.  Really very little fruit.  Nothing glamourous, at least.  Second Day:  Drinkable, but not enjoyable.  Heavy oxidation and all flaws at forefront.  14-5  Not runnin out to buy the other 11.   ♦

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