Negocianting across Napa

Have you seen these?  At a certain supermarket.  All produced by some negociant in Graton, CA.  There is also a Napa Valley (which I didn’t buy) and an Alexander Valley and a Paso Robles–all cabs.  The discount is the thing:  L-R the regular price on those pictured is $60, $40 and $40 but they discount with sale and 6-pack to 22, 9.99 and 13 dollars, respectively!!!  Just shocking pricing for appellation-specific stuff like this.  I am a Spring Mt ADDICT, and Atlas Peak is not far behind.  And how many Stag’s Leap’s can you get for 22$?!?  Well, I bought them.  Because I’m a sucker.  And am having fun to trying all three together.  But you already know EXACTLY what they taste like.  and so did I when I bought them, but do I ever listen to myself? No.  Always trust your gut.

Harsh, steely manipulated dretch with contrived oak-and-chocolate and tannins from a chemistry kit.  All three.  You get what you pay for, and these are 10$ cabs.  Over-inflated, and put on unbelievable sale.  Poured out.

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