Alexander Valley Forever

This is a really great wine.  See, now a lot of the World’s problems would be solved if more reviews started with “This is a really great wine.”  Massive intoxicating nose.  All huge ripe fruit and wet leather with just a touch of cut-grass and showing some polish.  Glyceriny and green.  Perfect clear staining ruby and pink edges.  Attacks with pure berry fruit and broken woody stem briar.  Actually kinda thin on the taste compared to the bouquet.  All-wrapping acids and healthy tannins.  Finish of bitter tannins for days and days.  Just an outstanding wine. One of my experiments from last trip to Napa.  A classic Alexander Valley with 2013 interpretation.  Huge but oh so polished and balanced.  I would love a case of this.  ‘Only’ 13-6, and there-in lies one of the points to its finesse.  Solid A stuff.  My only concern would be the fruit not outlasting the structure.  But for now… and for the next 10 years… lovely stuff.

2009 ARBIOS Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Sonoma Co. 13.6

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