Gentle Giant

Black and impenetrable, narrow clear edges but staining.  Initial quick nose of WAY TOO RIPE dried raisins OMG THIS WINE IS GOING ALREADY blows off almost instantaneously for an actually pretty-closed-in set of the usual very ripe suspects.  Smells of cedar and pine-pitch.  Sugarpine pitch, but pitch, nonetheless.  Good, well-balanced fruit in the entry which are quickly replaced with BLISTERING tannins.  Ancient Peaks Oyster Cab was I believe the last thing I tasted THIS tannic, and that was a couple years ago.  the first taste was so bitter it shocked my palate so harshly, I immediately decided to mark this wine down in points.  Now it is starting to feel more balanced.  Just an absolute BABY and a BRUISER.  Really starting to wonder what the AL is on this.  There is no AL anywhere on it–nose, taste, finish… nowhere.  But that initial over-ripe almost-maderized thing tells me it might be high?  14-8?  I know, I know… pretty much normal for Napa cabs these days, but for me it is still HIGH.  Sue me. Ha ha I was totally wrong.  13-8!  Wow, how refreshing.  And 15% SY!  Now it makes sense.  The SY is what I am smelling in the first breaths.  I am really liking this wine.  Purchased from Back Room Wine in downtown Napa a few weeks ago for about 30$.  This will be VERY interesting to taste in 10 years.  Hope the fruit can outlast the structure.  It is really not all that enjoyable to drink right now.  I don’t know how you would take this to a party or serve it for friends.  I mean–I know MY friends would be all “HOLY SHIT, this is blah blah blah blah and totally rip it apart and fluff it, but the general public?  This stuff will take the paint off your car!  B+ stuff.  Not perfectly balanced at this juncture, and who knows… I am just really worried about the fruit being a little too petite.

2010 FUSE Red Wine Napa Valley 13.8

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