That Pre-Corporate Buyout Smell

An experiment which did  not come with exemplary provenance. Small store, second location, area very moderate but gets 5-10 fluke 90° days, no A/C. This is, beyond doubt, one of the 2 or 3  BEST SMELLING syrah’s I have ever had. Dark garnet–not impenetrable or staining–with just a touch of bricking under the clear edges.  And then you smell it.  This massive opulent blast of chalk soil and cured beef and fresh tires and berry pemmican comes rushing up and you just set the glass down after practically asphyxiating yourself attempting to get one last molecule of it in your lungs.  Then you smell it again.  You’re almost scared to taste it, but you have to.  Whenever you smell one of the best wines you have ever smelled, does the taste disappoint? Not with cabs.  Never with cabs.  If it smells that good, it will taste as good.  But with SY and Zin and def ME and PN:  NO WAY.  It can ALWAYS be a let-down.  In this case, it is not disappointing.  If it had huge fruit a decade ago, it has faded a bit.  It is still really REALLY good.  Top notch.  Darkly fruited and wonderfully acidic and a whallop of tannins. The only fault–albeit a huge one–would be a lack of fresh, ripe fruit.  14-5  ♦♦♦

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