A BDX for the Cali peeps

A liquor-store orphan I just HAD to rescue.  Top shelf, all by its self, no A/C, but it a part of Salinas which doesn’t see too many 90-degree days…. still I am a sucker for orphans.  Such a classy wine doesn’t deserve to languish on the shelf in an area which doesn’t appreciate it!

Deep ruby–no signs of age, a lil garden-hose, nose, fruit held close.  Massive tannins and acid, debated whether to decant or not.  Worried it would fall apart so after a few smells, decided to decant quickly and back into bottle.  Lovely cigar and cedar-box nuances but AL and tannin overwhelming.  Fruit decidedly thin.  Thin middle, thin finish.  Tannins wrap everything.  Not a horrible wine, but lacking in balance.

I love the Western side of the Napa ridge.  The wines just out side of the Atlas Peak and Spring Mt appells are so wonderful and considerably lower-priced because they carry the ‘Sonoma’ label.  This one… just… doesn’t shine.  Really great with dinner of aged beef and stock-infused orzo, but before- and after-dinner, it thins terribly.  I was expecting so much more. This is the BDX teenager who does an exchange-student year and comes back–still with all the cigar-box, green-bean, brett-ish nuances of the family, but with a tiny ripeness of Cali.  Maybe my palette has become twisted from the past 20 years of CA wine.  Maybe I NEED to find a wine compelling by itself–full of ripe fruit and mouth-filling BY ITSELF.  Maybe I have become jaded from my love of Euro wines with their thin fruit and crazy acidity which you sup all night long with food.  Perhaps.  But by Cali standards, this wine is thin. I suppose you could chalk the lack of fruit up to age, but I honestly don’t think it ever had much.

2004 MATANZAS CREEK Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma County 14.2


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