My 2014 WOTY

Nauseously intoxicating bouquet.  Miserably concentrated.  Shockingly heady.  Just Wow.  Stunningly saturated.  Amazing beautiful dark glass-staining color bricking ever-so-slightly.  Volatile nose just slays the whole dark fruit genre with layers of 2-day-old lilies and cedar, charcoal and vanilla.

Disgustingly mouth-filling–round and so incredibly ripe.  Fruit of an indescribable concentration for miles and miles.  Ample acids creep in and still-evolving tannins carry the finish for DECADES with just a peek of maderization showing.  This concerns me.  But not enough to stop me from calling this the hands-down Wine of the Month.  I know it’s only the 4th, but HOLY CRAP this is good wine.

Find some of this and drink it. Drink it with yourself.  Don’t take it to a party where Suzanne will pour that glass full and go, “This is good!”  Don’t you dare.  Drink it with someone who closes their eyes and smells it and goes. “Holy crap!”  Label says 14-flat although I guessed almost a full point higher.  Purchased from Avila Wine .  From the Roar folks up in SLH.

2007 PEDREGAL Cache Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 69/31 Paicines San Benito Co. 14.0

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