Pinot?!? We don’t need no stinkin Pinot!

Dark garnet with bricking edges.  Smoky, dense dark, over-ripe fruit bordering on burnt.  Burnt rubber and leather with just a trace of match-head in the end of the bouquet, but with an initial mustiness present.

Round, full and glycerin-ey, but you can definitely tell the age.  A breath of alcohol shines through.  Sweet, bright fruit, but of an oh-so-ripe preparation.  A massive wine on the palate and not at all Pinot-ey.  Smelled blind I would say a medium-extraction–but well-made–low-alcohol Syrah.  Tasted blind I would say a solid, well-crafted, balanced claret with a decade under its belt.  But heavy on the Merlot.  I would never guess this is a Pinot.

The acids and ripeness are in PERFECT balance and together create a VERY lovely wine to drink.  Still-gripping tannin wrap up the lovely finish.  Weird.  Don’t know where the Chalone AVA is?  Google it.   This isn’t Wine 101.  Across the freeway from Soledad and Santa Lucia Highlands between Arroyo Seco AVA and Paicines AVA.  Heading way off into wine-dorkdom here, and generalizing horribly, but EVERYONE should understand their appellations.

This is an amazing wine… it’s just… not… Pinot!  When I open Pinot, I want PINOT!!  There just is simply no Pinot here.  What happened?  The ONLY thing even barely HINTING at PN is the tail end of the nose.  I am guessing massive alcohol, maybe 14.8?  If I’m right, it explains everything.  Make this a Red Table Wine and I give it a high score.  But labeled “Pinot Noir”  from LORING!!! of all people and it gets points as a curiosity-piece but that’s all.  And the post-script shocker (NOT) is:  It is starting to fall apart in the glass.

2004 LORING WINE CO Pinot Noir Brosseau Chalone Monterey Co 15.2

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