Mourv from a place you’ve never heard of

Dark garnet with bricking edges.  Huge peaty, barnyard nose with substantial AL blows off to buttered toast, cut leaves and still fairly overt AL.

From the Chalone AVA, which a lot of you are all “I like Chalone” but NO, the CHALONE AVA.  There is an actual Chalone appellation on the Eastern side of the Salinas Valley ACROSS from Santa Lucia Highlands and South of the Paicines AVA you’ve heard me crowing about lately.  North of Arroyo Seco.  Google it.  There is a Chalone AVA.

Great mouthfeel.  Round and ripe with tons of crushed black saute’ed cherry and vibrant acidity.  Searing AL throughout.  The finish positively burns.  The whole package is fairly nicely balanced, round and ripe.

This is quite a surprising little wine–and the price-point ensures visiting this label.  A thick, rich, chewy Mourvedre which begs more exploration of both the label and the appellation.  Sharp and spicy in the finish, though, and the AL makes me wonder.  I’m guessing 15-oh.  Holy shit label is 15-6.  Still, not sure where this is headed, but at age 5, it is an amazing little wine.

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