Crossing the Jordan, and tryin to get wet.

Opened in a tiny restaurant which was so much a part of the kitchen (wood-fired pizza, among other things) you really could not get a decent feel for this bottle, which here-to-fore has been an exemplary Alex cab pour moi.  Really austere and closed in and thin←those were my thoughts in the dining room. Upon getting to the hotel, I discovered the wine I remembered–thinly fruited as it was, rich and vibrant with mint, licorice, gobs of sweet oak and eucalyptus.  Naturally, you couldn’t have a bottle with Alex on it without strong acids and not-so-user-friendly tannin, and this pleases the Alex-fans there too… but… it doesn’t go far enough to save the whole thing as somewhat of a watered-down, please-everyone, supermarket/tourist wine.  It has always been one of the ‘smoothest’, more polished of the Alexander Valley’s–and this one’s thin fruit doesn’t do it any favors.

2010 JORDAN Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Sonoma Co. 13.5

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