A Vanity Bottling I can get behind

First of all, let’s get something out of the way.  I have a COMPLETE embargo on celebrity wines.  Greg Norman, Andretti, Pink Floyd, Paul Hogan, you name it:  I won’t buy it.  This particular wine I bought not really realizing it to be such until got it home and read the back label.  I thought, Foghat,  OK, cool/whatever label name.  But the label indicates it is a total musical tribute to the band and although I have no idea what their participation was, it has a cute quote from Foghat and blah blah blah.  Made by Steve Rasmussen, and I can honestly say I do not think I have ever had a Talley Cab or anything resembling this from Steve Rasmussen.  Not a giant fan of Talley and Bishop’s Peak is just DRETCH.  But all that aside, let’s talk about the wine at hand.  Beautiful dark clear ruby with ambering edges and very little staining.  The nose is one of those To-Die-For bouquets of herbaceous mint, cardamon, eucalyptus and steely briar.  A fabulous nose–a little flabby, but ripe and piquant and getting some fairly serious polish of age on it.  Entry is rich and deeply fruited of dark cherry and blackberry pie which almost evolves gradually into wonderful acid and blistering tannin.  It’s like the nose of a 75$ rutherford with 10 years on it and the taste of a 20$ Alexander Valley cab with 5 years on it.  Really quite phenomenal.  A tad flabby, again, but THIS IS A FIFTEEN DOLLAR WINE!  The nose just goes on and on forever.  Most people talk about the finish going on forever–and this one fulfills there too–but the nose just is so pleasing on so many levels.  I am seeing this label and reading the tribute and the winemaker and I can’t help but feel this is perhaps a lab-created wine, but Oh Man, if it is, it is my new favorite.  Despite my tiny complaint of perhaps a touch flabby, not a touch of AL anywhere on it and the label reads a HOLY SHIT 15-5.  I did not put it much over 14-0.  I do not *always* grade on a curve based on price, but it this were 40$, I would give it an above-average  ♦♦  so it seems only fair in this case to jack that up to a  ♦♦♦ .  Really, this is a serious wine for those who like a briary, herbaceous nose and full mouth-feel with ample tannin.  I wish I knew where this fruit came from.  Buy it at Old Town Market Orcutt

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