Not Hedging at all on This One

An absolute gem of a bargain and quite possibly Best Label Design ever.  Can you tell I am a fan of classic European labels?  CMS= cab/merlot/syrah in 39/45/16% and typically I am not a huge fan of Syrah blended into a BDX blend, but in this case it just totally works.  Crystal-dark opaque staining purple with purple edges.  Round, supple violet, lavender, and beautiful black cherry bouquet punctuated with firm spice and polish.  Entry blasts off with giant dark fruit and thins out into road-tar and tannin in perfect Syrah-fashion.  You actually can FEEL and TASTE all three of the components of this wine working together–and it is pure magic. The opulence and finesse and briar of a Cab, the velvet hammer of floral Merlot and the burnt-rubber, blood and sweat of a Syrah.  This is not an expensive wine and the little brother to the stunning Hedges Red Mountain Reserve.  I do not drink a ton of Washington wines–most of them which find their way down to California are fairly predictable in their entry-flabbiness, contrived-fruit and almost-manipulated-feeling structure.  I find very few balanced.  This is a stand-out, and I have found EVERYTHING from the Hedges Estate worth drinking.  I am so glad I have a case of this, for it will be very interesting to watch over the next ten years.  It has the beauty encapsulated to drink wonderfully now and the mettle to polish into something wonderful in another 5 years or so.  Fairly well marketed, so if you can find it, buy a couple.  A reference-point in the ‘Balanced Wine’ category.  13-5  ♦♦♦

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