A cougar by any other name would smell as sweet.

Dense and staining showing just a beautiful patina of garnet-ruby age.  Still-purple edges.  A bit tight at first, but explodes into a heady fig, browning-apple and mineral bouquet with ample alcohol present.  Concentrated and briary, the myriad of nuances come at you hard and multi-faceted–and they are all something you want to smell more of–except for that alcohol…  Tasting it is a touch disappointing–at least compared to the nose.  Thinnish and almost immediately harshly drying.

This is definitely not Pedregal Cache.  This does not have the fruit banging through in the mouth.  The voluptuous nose and ample tannin scream for more time, and while the lack of initially-apparent fruit in the mouth is concerning, I think it is def IN there… somewhere.  Then again, if it is not, I have had this wine–we ALL have had this wine–at 10-12 years where it still smells fairly decent but the body is gone to thin, astringent, tannic Heaven.  That nose though.  For the price, it would almost be worth the gamble.  The smart money would be to spend a couple bucks more on big brother Cache.  Clearly related, but somehow either the blend or the source produced a better wine in the Cache–across the entire palate.  Still, this one is a lovely, lovely wine.  Somewhat of a textbook reminder of small-boutique Alexander Valley cab.  Again, Paicines makes just stunning cab.

2007 PUMA ROAD Cabernet Sauvignon Pedregal Vineyard Paicines San Benito Co.  14.5


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