A Volcanic Bouquet… and not much more.

Bright purple-ruby with pink edges.  An absolutely SHOCKING amount of green briar, pine-pitch, mint, eucalyptus, and Middle-Eastern spices come exploding out of it layered with a fat helping of creamy, sweet oak.  Thin and drying in the mouth, it really doesn’t fulfill on the bouquet-promises.  Where is Manton, I hear you asking?  Up by Mount Lassen.  Tehama County.  East of Redding and Red Bluff where the foothills meet the real hills.  2000-3000 foot elevations for most vineyards.  This one is about 2500 and well up into the conifer-line.  They just received California’s newest AVA as the Manton Valley AVA.  Just a gem of a place with wine-history back into the 70’s and currently probably 20-odd labels being produced.  Want more info?  Here’s some… Here’s some moar… One more with a basic map to give you an idea.  I have tasted almost all of the wineries up there but keep coming back to Alain Teutschmann’s offerings at Mt. Tehama Winery.  I just like his approach and attitude, more than anything.  This one is just not quite as enjoyable as some.  It is a very drinkable, enjoyable wine–and the nose is to die for–but if we must be clinical I have to say it is a touch unbalanced.   Sharply acidic entry, a meager breath of fruit drifts in and sharp Vit-C tannin turn this into a sand-paper experience–very THIN sandpaper, though.  13-2 yes you read that right!  ♦

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