And on a More Positive Note…

Typically I do not put anything on paper about my lunch-wines, but today I had two at Comfort Market in Arroyo Grande which stood out.  These are file photos, so vintages are not accurate.

Being Priorat, the quality of the Giné Giné Red blend should not have surprised me, but unfortunately–based on my past experience with Spanish wines–it did.  Full and fruity in the nose but backed with a sophistication of fruit and a whallop of oak.  No Euro-funkiness AT ALL.  Could have used a tad more earth or barnyard or something to remind me it was from Spain, but no.  Clean and on-point.  Very new-worldy and a definite crowd-pleaser.  Not as volumptous in the mouth as you might expect from the bouquet–somewhat reserved but not meager and wonderfully acidic.  Ripeness is there, but perfectly balanced.  Solid ♦♦ stuff.  Most likely over 75% Grenache.

The Curtis actually took a back seat to the above even though it was my first choice.  Shockingly ripe-smelling against the Spaniard, full and round and almost… cloying? in it’s lack of acidity.  Deep and full of all things wonderfully Grenache, though.  Dirt and briar and quince.  Very supple tannin and though I am unaware of the vintage, it was perfect for lunch service.  ♦

The Curtis is going to start dryng up as the winery is no more but I know several retailers who carry it.  The Giné is for sale at Comfort Market and I have seen it several other places.  Both are in the low 20$ range!

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