Pass The Tweezers, SVP

Clear ruby with pink edges.  A quite wonderful graphite-spicy round nose but with considerable oak.  Here’s something you must understand about this wine before continuing further.  The 2010 Syrah was bottled in two lots:  A Hungarian oak and a French oak with different coloured labels.  I furst picked up the Eastern-european version here.  And I loved it.  I am very glad I did not pick this version first because I would have a far different view of this winery if it had been my inaugural bottle.  “It’s like you were just out with a chain-saw cutting a tree down.”  <–this would be the words of my girlfriend–who doesn't voice opinions about wine very often, despite me making her smell and taste every one.  Out of the mouths of babes.  This is just such a different wine than the Russian.  Wow what a difference a barrel can make.  Round, fat and supple–almost cloying in it's mouthfeel.  Like pancake syrup.  The oak really detracts from from all the other things I can SEE going on in this wine and am loving it for but for that pesky tourist oak.  Spicy, oppulent, euacalyptus bouquet (with oak) moves into a sharply acidic, balanced full, round dark rich concentrated mouth (with oak) which begs and begs for another sip and another JUST to see what else we can find in it's complexity.  Completely mouth-wracking tannins finish things out for DECADES (with oak) and leave you, again, begging for more.  I am totally in love with this wine and must seek another varietal out from this producer.  Repeat:  I am totally in love with this wine–JUST not this version.  If  you love the huge oppulent vanilla oak-bomb shiiiiite then buy this one.  If you are a classicist, I highly recommend the one with the oak TURN DOWN FOR WHAT a notch.  It is a phenominal wine and I can't get behind it enough.  Just this one….. is for the tourists.  15-1  and  ♦  for over-oaked-ness.  If you were too lazy to click on the other review it was ♦♦   Look this guy up.  In Cambria and grapes from Paso/San Miguel border.  This is one to watch.

24hr Vac-U-Vin Update:  The oak has been reduced to a spicy note–almost gone.  Which is interesting because in overtly oaked wines it is usually the opposite.  Dense and massively fruity with a gut-wrenching tannin backbone. Absolute prefection a day in.  This is an unrequited cellar-candidate based on this addendum.  Absolute prefection in a warm-climate syrah.  Find this and get some.

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