Hosemaster’s Letter to Santa

As loyal readers know, my shtick is not the weekly tomes on terrior or weird varietals (anything downwind of, oh say… cabfranc), or strange little clique-y sub-appellations, or diatribes on the importance of applying ground gnu-horn to moist, swelling buds.  Lord knows there’s PLENTY of real wine bloggers out there and hence, I leave such banter to the professionals.  Occasionally you will notice I share an interesting tidbit, but lately people have complained the posts I share are about as exciting as following a Mercedes on the freeway.  They tend to be pieces on local vineyards or historical context of the wine business.  Such things interest le me, and it’s my blog, remember.  So to make up for all those, here is about as light as I can get it.  If you do not laugh at least once, I suggest you should be following @womenwholovewine on IG.
  The Hosemaster of Wine’s 2014 Letter To Santa 

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