I wash this down with Free-Range Dolphins.

Deep garnet with amber edges.  Burning tires and vitamin C soaked in gasoline dominate the bouquet.  No, wait.  There’s a little pond scum and morning-after asparagus-pee in there.  Flat and gone.  Oh, but that note of alcohol doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere.  Funny how that works.  Not even a decade old and complete dretch.  Shockingly maderized and completely that whole toasted-almond miserable oxidation situation.  Fat and pruney.  Thin, badly integrated acids still bounce along the long finish of roasted black-walnut tannin.  Just a miserable wine and I have tasted SO MANY of these young.  14-7 and never had a chance.  Don’t know who makes this, don’t care.  They screwed up in search of the holy grail of early-term ripeness and extraction.  Ya now how they say to wide-outs and one-hit-wonders, “I hope they saved their money!”  Well, I hope these people sold a TON of this in 2007.  And I pray no one considered it a cellar-candidate.  14-7.  ◊

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