4-Vines=Shot After 4-Years

Totally completely cooked.  That is my initial assessment and now that that is out of the way, we can move on.  And… I don’t think it is provenance, because I have purchased far older wines from this source in the past and far more fragile Pinot Noirs.  This wine is just cooked.  It is *only* 14.8–yeah, I just said “only”–so I am not going to blame this whole scenario on pure Hi-AL as I am wont to do.  Deep garnet and staining but not horribly bricking.  Moderate sed.  Initially all rotten brown soggy lettuce in the bottom drawer of the refer moving into concentrated raisin dretch punctuated with alcohol.  Put prunes in a blender and toss in a shot of vodka.  Fortunately, the ‘cooked’ portion blows off to merely reveal the prunes and raisin, so that’s a plus.  I guess.  There is a crisp Los Alamos mineral hi-note lingering at the edges of the fat over-ripe fruit and more alcohol, but it is fleeting, getting completely washed out by the madera.  Oh, and then you taste it.  It actually improves.  Fat and grimy, yes, grimy–as in chalky dysfunction–across the tongue with alcohol burning the whole way.  I say better because the cooked portion could actually be forgotten momentarily as your mouth sears from alcohol and stewed fruit.  I do not think this wine is ‘cooked’.  I think it is a horridly out-of-balance Paso-waste of SB fruit which probably sold like hotcakes to the rebel moto-crowd with their Anarchy-monogrammed stemless glasses and 4-Vines thongs.  I’ll bet it was “Huge” and “Amazing” and “Blockbuster” and “Massive” and everybody thought it was wonderful–for the first couple years after release.  Trendy wines will be trendy.  They never last.  Paso growing pains.  Show me an 8yo Los Alamos syrah which is gone and I will show you an unbalanced wine designed for the tourist palate.

2006 FOUR VINES Syrah Los Alamos Vineyard Santa Barbara Co 14.8


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