I Give The Lompoc Wine Ghetto 92 Points

Had a chance to blast through Lompoc yesterday and hit a few tasting rooms.  First up Stolpman where the Estate and Hilltops syrahs were both wonderful.  A quick trip to the opposite end found us at Samsara and tasting amazing 2013 grenache rose and Larner Grenache.  The Melville and  Cargasacchi syrahs were both wonderful too–as was the SRH pinot noir.  Blackberries and raspberries filled the air and our glasses! Next up visited with Mark Cargasacchi and tasting through all of his lovely Jalama Wines.  The 2009 Syrah and 2010 Pinot Noir were both lovely in addition to a variety of off-list items being poured like his wonderful Petite Sirah and 2010 and 2011 syrahs–both packed with creamy tart pie-filling and licorice.  Everything was wonderful.  Across the lot found us at the beautiful tasting room of Zotovich Cellars where we chatted with a lovely attendant and tasted through all of their wonderful 2010 Santa Rita Hills pinot noirs and syrahs.  They were wonderful and the tasting room is so beautiful, I could barely drag myself out of it!  Next door, new-comer Kessler-Haak provided the ‘new experiment winery’ experience of the day.  All estate-grown fruit, his dry riesling was wonderful as were both of his estate pinots–2010 and 2011–were wonderful.  We met the wonderul winemaker and learned how he grows his incredible grapes. What a great guy!  We did not have time to taste all of his wonderful rose’s of pinot noir.  Take my word for it:  They are wonderful.  Ampelos was up next where the Rho, Lambda, and Delta reds were all so wonderful we wanted to make our own.  There was a little bit of afternoon left so we went back to Jalama Wines because the wines were so wonderful and Mark is so fun we felt like family! We just HAD to taste some more! If you have the chance to visit beautiful Lompoc, California, by all means head into the historic and beautiful Wine Ghetto and taste all the fruits of this amazing and dedicated group of people!


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