I See Your ‘Cool Climate’ and Raise You Mendocino

Bright glowing ruby with even brighter pink edges.  HUGE initial funk transitions quickly to massive floral notes.  Just. So. Pretty.  Rosy and lilac… fresh lilies… stops just short of star-jasmine or natal plum.  Underneath lies a bid of oak, and obviously–as the wine breathes–this becomes more prominent.  But over it resides a lovely melding of bright 7-UP and flower petals.

I opened this because I thought it would be interesting after yesterday’s *Sonoma Coast* offering and while there are similarities in thinness–and price–the Copain pulls the stops out and brings in that nice Mendo funk and the floral and brier for the extra point.

In the mouth, forward and ripe raspberry pomegranate fruit with medium acids and a light impression of tannin.  For 20 bucks it’s a pretty awesome Syrah, showing all of the fruit and balance of a cool-climate North Coast red but with the structure and funk of Mendocino.  Probably Copain’s cheapest red and a very impressive bottle.

2011 COPAIN Syrah Tous Ensemble Mendocino Co.  13.4


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