More Like La Depressa

What the hell is this?  This is not wine.  This is oak-aid.  The smell does not justify any comparison to Syrah–or red wine period.  The lushest, fattest, most disgustingly over-ripe co-mingling of oak extract and wilted flowers with just the teeniest little-league fruit-punch tip-toeing around in the back.  You know that smell when you have lilies sitting on the table for a week?  This wine has a nauseating bouquet.  Extract from the velvet-tree with a searing alcohol touch.  Clear ruby with thin garnet edges.  Slightly staining.  In the mouth, it actually improves, thank Dog.  But how do you taste a wine after a smell like that?  A nice core of acid–astonishingly–and bitter tannins of strewth!  But you have to work into this wine backwards–it is just so unbalanced.  I guess there’s fruit in the entry?  I’m decanting the crap outa this thing.  BRB.  Still can’t do it.  The nose is all Lodi Old-vine zin saturated in oak piss.  The entry is half wet dog, half Maraschino cherry, half marzipan.  Decanting has fattened up the nose, thinned out the middle, and softened the tannins.  I can’t get behind this bottle.

2009 JALAMA Syrah La Presa Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co  14.6

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