Santa Barbara Finesse Meets Paso Robles Brawn

Beautiful medium ruby, somewhat staining.  Wide pink edges.  Alcoholic nose, but piles of pretty fruit headed into intensely-floral and musk.  Decanted vigorously.  A breath of candy-apple in the tail-end, but everything forward of that is intensely ripe and sharply mineral.  Tasted this at winery a few weeks ago after a three-day Grenache-junket which started in Lompoc, dabbled in Paso Robles, and finished down Foxen Canyon Road and into Los Olivos.  This was the standout of more than 20 tasted during that period.  And, although I rarely speak of tasting adventures and wineries themselves, the remodel to transition Curtis to Andrew Murray is top-notch muted modern industrial elegance and the young gentleman who attended to us won extra points for his boss by READING HIS CLIENTS and not being cloying or insulting.  So few get that.  I hate tasting rooms with a passion.  Chalky and brittle in the mouth, shockingly tannic from the get-go but so understatedly fruited.  The fruit woos you;  The structure instantly surprises you;  Lovely fruit creeps back in and makes gentle sweet sweet love to you far into the acidic finish.  This is one of the few grenaches I honestly would love to see set down for a decade.  Those bitter, tarry tannins need a couple years of polishing and the fruit isn’t going anywhere.  A stellar bottle of wine.  The 15-2 scares the shit outa me, though.  So let me change that “decade” to FIVE years.  I would love to see this bottle in 5 years.  Still, right here–right now, a highly recommended  ♦♦

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