No, Not Laurel Canyon. This One Shaves.

Clear garnet with slightly bricking edges but shockingly vibrant.  Effusive nose of celery and brier dispel the fact on the label of it being a 12YO wine.  Warm, round oak and incredible fruit showing barely any polish of age.  Stunning crisp bouquet, nutty, vibrant and edgy.  Cold concrete, wet gravel road and eucalyptus explode, giving one cause to think this barely 5 years old–not 12.

In the mouth, a sharp acidic background with amazingly full-spectrum fruit barely date this bottle and label-checks are met with disbelief.  The strength of the tannin in the finish against the incredible fruit again make you think this a 5yo bottle.  This wine is such a baby.  It clearly has another 5 years on it and you could obviously milk that out an additional 10 with decent results.  Yes, you read that right:  This wine could potentially blossom for another 20 years.

The group of 2002 Cabs tasted in 2015 which can easily last another 20 years seriously singles this bottle out amongst the creme de la creme of California Cabs.  The mouth-feel is so on-point and the vibrant backbone just begs for more time in the cellar.  Don’t get me wrong:  It drinks fabulously RIGHT NOW, but the stuffing of fruit and balance of structure really tell of something which will polish into amazing with a few more years.  A tiny burn of AL does little to weaken the overall spirit of this wine’s balance.  This bottle definitely vies for unicorn-status in terms of loveliness, balance and anticipation.

2002 LAUREL GLEN VINEYARD Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Co.  14.5

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