Judge This Pinot: Judge Me

Fairly thick garnet and seriously bricking.  Practically amber this one.  Heavy mint, stone, and pencil-shavings: the lead AND the cedar.  Like a conifer forest it its high-note woodsy-ness.  Cassis, vanilla and fat, thick plum on HEROIN.  Warm horse stall and Greek yogurt.

I have probably had 30 Loring Pinot’s in my life and this is my absolute favorite of all time.  This is the way I take my Pinot, for those tracking my palate.  Massive crushed-over-ripe flowers and smoky peat.  Smokey and sultry and at the same time rash and dirty hot.

In the mouth, one of the most dignified liquids you have ever poured in.  It just EXUDES class and balance.  This thing just blows away all the Clos Pepe Rancho Ontiveros Garys’ Brosseau Caragassachi stuff you have drank from Loring.  Mind-bogglingly round and ripe and full, with the raw beef playing against the nearly-rotten-lemon in the fruit basket.  And Just. So. Much. Fruit. This is absolute Ecstasy to drink!  I can’t get enough of the nose or the taste.  A little AL–I’m gonna guess 14-4, but honestly it really just plays off the fat ripe meatiness of the core.  A great acidic entry and a lovely tannic exit.

This is the best Pinot I have had this year.  And I know that’s not fair because it is a decade old, so trust me, there will be another *best Pinot this year* and it will be a current release.  I DARE you to top this wine in the next 9 months.  You can’t do it.  This wine is absolute perfection.

2004 LORING WINE CO. Pinot Noir Keefer Ranch Sonoma Co.  14.4


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