How To Drink Like A Christian

Solid, thick and staining garnet barely fading to the edge.  Not much sediment.  Cork really dry.  A teensy bit off-aged in the nose but big, with mint and tar and burnt cherries and a noticeable heat.  Rose-petals and fresh tortillas.
I LOVE second labels and this one remains fairly affordable.  Had it numerous times since its introduction in what, mid-90’s?  I’m not even sure what Dominus is up to price-wise these days, but probably well over double this one.  I’ve always liked the Napanook, but felt them clearly directed at early-term drinking.  Still, even an entry-level cab from a producer like this should show handsomely at 10 years old.  And this one does… kinda.  The heat in the nose bothers me.  Decanted an hour.
Taste-wise, it improves considerably.  Deep and brooding with complex floral and spice under-pinnings.  Massively fruited and ripe, with still-ample tannin strutting around.  And there’s that heat again.  The alcohol on this one definitely is out of balance.  Sad.
2004 DOMINUS Napanook Napa Valley 14.4

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