No, I Can’t Pronounce It

Dark vibrant ruby with pink edges.  Seriously?  This is headed into 10 years old?!?!?  It certainly doesn’t look it and for sure doesn’t smell like it.  Intensely ‘grapey’.  I do not use that word much–for obvious reasons–but this just fits perfectly.  Intense Welch’s grapey with deep dark fruit undertones and a layer of minerality and concentrated on all counts. Yes and there’s some alcohol.  I suspect 14-8.  It does not even REMOTELY smell like a ten-year-old wine.  OK, so maybe there’s a *TINY* bit of polish there, but wow: Really in shock how bright and vibrant.  There’s a funky sort of green, crushed-bug/melted plastic overtone to the bouquet which bothers a bit, but is doing little to thwart how much I like it.

Then you taste it.  It is pretty much on par with the nose.  Nothing amazing, but nothing disappointing.  It’s full and rich and round and has a nice acid bite and chewy tannins pop in for a visit.  Fruit’s a tad thin, balance is good, everything is good.  This wine is actually somewhat boring in its generality.  This is not the first time this has happened to a wine, only this time there really is quite a lot going on before it commits *boring-generality*.  People be like: Wait.  You dog on a wine for being overt and extruded and you dog on a wine for being calm and unsurprising.  Yup.  I sure do.  And it’s my blog and I can do what I want.  When you taste a great wine… no, wait.  Back up.  When you smell a great wine, there is no question.  It is just THERE.  You know instantly.  It hits you and you know it and you never forget it.  This particular bottle is not that wine.  It is a well-aged cheap bottle of wine.  Nothing more.  It surprises in being taunt and lively and serviceable and incredibly interesting.  It definitely was not intended for 10-yr aging, I guarantee.  But it pulls it off.

2005 RANCHO SISQUOC Syrah Flood Family Vineyard Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara County 14.7

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