"Thin, acidic, bretty red wines"

Deep clear garnet with clear edges.  Big gamy alcoholic nose with gobs of dark cherry and cassis.  Decanted and agitated hard because it has been my experience this wine shows better the second day.  Heady mascarpone and maraschino.  While on some levels thin and acidic, it also contains a warm, deep too-ripe bouquet layered with sophisticated tar and leather.

In the mouth, nothing shocking and pretty much what the nose promises.  Dark and chewy-tasting, with plum, meaty fruit and good acid.  Tannins–barely polishing–swell in and remind you this is Alexander Valley, after all.  Not a particularly stunning bottle of wine–and yet no slacker either.  Entirely palatable wine, but darkly concentrated to the point of negating any bright, fresh nuances one looks for in a truly stunning Cabernet–even from Alexander Valley.  This thing just hits you in the face and walks away–leaving very little to actually savor and beg for deeper interpretation.  The fruit is there; The acid is there; The tannin is there.  Just none of it is particularly compelling.

A solid Alex.  Shockingly ripe and shockingly tannic–if this were a Zinfandel I would give it high marks.  But as a Cab, it leaves a considerable amount of *stuff* on the table.  Flabby and awkward, improving considerably with air, and not at ALL un-enjoyable.

2007 SAUSAL Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Sonoma Co.  14.5

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