Full-Spectrum Pinot

Quick hit on a blitzkrieg tasting at Tyler on Sunday.  4 Pinots–no waiting. All 2013’s.
2013 SBC blend of BN and Bentrock light garnet lovely nose no complaints perfect entry-level 30$ pinot with a early bright fruit and barnyard and late grind of mellow structure.  ♦
2013 Bien Nacido Headed more into ruby rootbeer nose with ample acid and fruit–albeit dark and, well… Bien Nacido-ish.  Ample back but not super evident–tarry notes soften briary tannins.  Well balanced and nice  ♦♦

2013 La Encantada  My least-fav.  Thin and uninteresting.  Washed out fruit and bland varietal nuances.  Odd and awkward.  ◊
2013  Bentrock Vineyard is really interesting to taste against the BN and the SBC blend of each.  Nose less opulent than BN–it holds back a bit but shows the full hand in the mouth.  The BN has it all in the nose–this has it all in the mouth.  Big cola and barnyard but fruit and structure not compromised by ripeness or over-extraction.  Serious tannin, not bitter.  This will be a lovely PN in ten years.  Highly recommended  ♦♦♦
This producer means serious business and if you are serious pinot-person I would recom searching this out and getting some.  Good, solid stuff across-the-board.

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