Three Pinots–No Waiting

2009 William James Garey Ranch SMV:  Deep clear medium-garnet.  Round and ripe with muted volatility.  Banana and mild cola.  Everything muted compared to other two.  Possibly wouldn’t be too bad on its own, but really does not show well in this company.  Mild gameyness and barnyard and showing signs of peak.  Finessed and balanced with very ripe cherry fruit and nutty age.  Basically non-existent tannin.  Open by itself, it would have shown well.  14-1  ♦
Purchased at Old Town Market in Orcutt, CA

2012 Thralls RRV:  Milky light ruby.  Bright citrus overhanging nutty undertones.  Ripe round neutral barrel.  Rich cassis and cinnamon toast with nice mint and euc.  Disappointing in the mouth–thin and citrusy and positively unfruited.  Non-existent tannin.  13-8  ◊

2012 Labyrinth Presqu’ile SMV:   Dark dense ruby with tiny clear edges.  Raw bugs and burnt rubber.  Sappy branches and tilled earth.  Incredible root-beer and sauteed leek.  In the mouth, overwhelming berry fruit and acidity.  Thick and viscous, with shocking tar, horse-stall and petrichor.  Really concentrated.  Heads *almost* into cold-climate Syrah-territory.  Gripping tannin.  14-2   ♦♦
From Labyrinth Winery.

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