Listing a Bit

People keep saying, Do a list!  Everyone LOVES lists!  Well, I don’t do lists.  Nothing gravitates to and sucks in the dregs of score-crunching wine-consumers like lists.  Nice and neat, like 95-point grades… buy it or pass, 10,000 hits, nice list.  Well, based on recent tastings and not only THE fickle nature of Pinot noir, but MY fickle nature of Pinot Noir, here’s your list.  I am only moved to do this because of an over-whelming *LIKE* for recent tastings of some overwhelming bottles from the areas on this list.  Look for these on a label!

SOIF Top Three Favorite Central Coast Pinot Noir Vineyards by Appellation

SLH:  Tondre ‘don’t call it a vineyard’ Grapefield.  Yes, Gary’s et al are amazing and wonderful, but the finesse and elegance of these wines while still showing distinct SLH briar demand discovering.  To wit:  Tudor Wines Find some.

SMV:  Bien Nacido.  What can you say?  I love SMV so much and with it Nielson and Garey and Riverbench and Sierra Madre and Presqu’ile and Murmor etc etc etc but the classic strength and structure of Bien Nacido combined with the subtleties of fruit and nuance defy all.  To wit:  Tantara and Au Bon Climat among a multitude of others.  Never say “No” to a Bien Nacido.

SRH:  Bentrock.  A relatively new discovery to me, but I keep finding myself overwhelmed with the depth and structure of this vineyard.  To wit:  Tyler and Tantara  Find some of these bottles and thank yourself.

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