I Like This Way Better Than Boehner

Bright purple, surprisingly.  Staining pink edges.  Dark, intensely smoky nose with tiny bitter briar edges.  Round and elegant besides that, with a solid chunk of earth and sweat lurking.  Beautiful lush fruit just showing a thigh… or a hip… part of a shoulder.  Streams of savory dry herb and nearly-rotten citrus.

Followed this guy forever and was always curious about the wine but just never searched it out and it never fell in my lap.  Interesting property and always enthusiastic about the process on social media.  Pretty sure Nick deLuca makes this, and I’m a fan of his.

Concentrated and instantly mouth-filling, everything promised in the nose comes through on steroids.  Liquid smoke and mint and dense, thick cherry compote with a serious acid edge immediately morphing to SHOCKING, baby, baby, baby tannin on the verge of unpleasantness.  Holy crap this is a bruiser.

This has basically everything I look for in a cab.  I would not call it opulent.  I am a tad worried the fruit will outlive the framework, but there’s enough there to gladly take that slim risk.  This thing packs a punch, and while considerably shy of glorious to drink now, the possibilities are glorious.

2010 BAEHNER FOURNIER Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Solus’ Santa Ynez Valley 14.5


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