Get Back Jaqk

Dark dark garnet with fairly staining ruby edges and pink legs.  Overwhelming taut dirty rubber-band nose packed with smokey green wet leaves.  An absolute explosion of tannic briary herb, green shrub stems and maybe something your naturopathic mother wants you to drink for your sore throat.  Underneath, a fairly fat, viscous black-cherry fruit bombs the glass.  This thing just reeks of Napa.  I drink a lot of Syrahs.  But rarely from Napa.  I know a fair number of people MAKE them, it just sin’t the first thing on anyone’s mind when they see NAPA VALLEY on a label, and honestly there aren’t a huge number of them marketed or visible to the general wine-shopping public.  And maybe seeing “Napa” on a label has a psychological affect?  I could be guilty of that, but this thing just screams “NAPA”.  Warm-weather, intensely ripe, ridden with cassis.  Gotta be 15.  It’s like, a Cab–only NOT.  I think this is the second label to the High Roller people, so I do not know whether to judge it for marketing to the EVERYTHING FAT bling crowd or applaud it for the second-label intrinsic qualities.

In the mouth, an instantaneous wide, rich wash of Cinnamon Toast Crunch sprinkled with nutmeg and sautéed in brown butter.  It is so full and round in the mouth, someone like me immediately begins to question whether it is legitimate wine or some lab-constructed crowd-pleaser begging to be run out of town.  But there is a grainy floral-ness to the fruit which tells me merely serious extraction and concentration and not just a typical swing at the low-hanging-fruit.  There is definite polish from 2007 visible, but the color and nose and taste decry any sort of slowing-down or going-away.  So interesting tasting this a day after the Penfold’s St. Henri 2008.  That fat lil bish was GONZO, and this fat lil thang is still going strong.  Perfumed and opulent, full and enveloping across the palate, nuanced everywhere and these acrid bitter tannins vying for attention against the last notes of everlasting fruit and sweetness.  Whataya gonna say?  This is a great wine.  Serves its purpose, overwhelms, and lingers.  That’s all I ask.

2007 SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE Syrah Napa Valley  15.2

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