Unconditionally Lovely

Transparent garnet with salmon edges.  This wine almost comes off brown at the wide edges.  Light as a feather, and headed into serious rosé about halfway out.  Hell, I’ve seen Paso rosés darker than this.  Rusty zinc barn-roof and chocolate comes off readily, with wet denim, fountain-ink, and bum.  Serious bright raspberry fruit with an under-pinning of mild leather and earth makes for a pleasant package except for the slight rubbing alcohol.  I really need to drink a lot more OR.  A fair number of them are readily available here, I just pass them over in the continuing exploration of my area.  I mean–I live smack-dab in the middle of SMV, SRH, and SLH.  When exactly am I supposed to find the time to drink OR?  This was a very inexpensive experiment and it is serviceable in every way and even interesting.  It really doesn’t beg to have anything complex read into it.  In the mouth, whisper-light and lovely.  Really.  *Lovely*.  That is the perfect word for this bottle.  Lovely.  It looks lovely.  It smells lovely.  It tastes lovely.  Match-head and cherry are the peanut-butter and jelly in the milquetoast acid-and Wonder Bread® tannins.  This thing needs to be about 10 degrees cooler.  It is something with enough interest you WANT to go all into Pinot-analytical-mode on, but so wispy and delicate it makes Gamay seem sophisticated.  A lovely little quaffer with some great pinot nuances going on.  12-5!  ♦♦

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