CF in Stereo

Medium ruby with purple edges.  Big honeydew melon and copper pipe right outa the box with lovely delicate tar and cardamom, hazelnut underpinnings.  Intensely floral, with incredibly bright–and certainly ripe–fruit but relatively meager in the oak-and-jam department.

See, now THIS is Chinon.  Well, of course it’s not Chinon–it’s Santa Barbara.  For comparison of style, the Brander Cab Franc I had a few days ago fit more of a Bordeaux style of Cab Franc–absolutely NOTHING wrong with that, just two different interpretations of the variety–and I do not prefer one over the other.  Where the Brander came through with bold cassis and oak and a concentration of dark fruit early-palate, this version of Cab Franc is delicate by comparison, and no less of a wine.

Flowery and flighty, the mouth is instantly overwhelmed with young fruit and an acidic entry–almost austere–but growing steadily until the mid-palate fruit-bowl overflows onto the floor, bruising everything and rolling off into stained, sweaty recesses.  Amazing dry, soft-bristle tannins.  This is good wine.  I’m gonna guess 13-2.  Label is unspecific.

2013 LO-FI WINES Cabernet Franc Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara

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